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$2.97/min inc GST Higher from Mobiles Telads

$2.20/min via credit card

$2.20/min via credit card


If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us on the below number.


About Veronica Psychic

Hello my name is Veronica
From a young age, I could feel and see the spiritual energies around people as different vibrations, colors and shapes and my dreams always seemed to come true.


Coming from a long line of gifted Gypsies in Ireland on my mothers side,
as a little girl I was first shown the art of tea leaf readings, I soon progressed to Tarot, Numerology, within a short time I become very accurate and was a hit with my grannies friends always asking me to read their leaves


Being blessed with these gifts, I love to share my abilities with others people to give them clear vision, along with insight, and clarity to life’s issues


I work by connecting with my spirit guides to tune in to your voice vibrations and thoughts to clear blockages and to guide you in a positive direction though out your journey, with compassion and empathy.


Over the past 19 years I have been conducting professional readings at major Psychic Expos and Conventions and various Psychic Lines.

Lets discover your future and the answers together

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